45 minutes guided tour of the caves allowing you to explore this spectacular underground world

The caves are divided into 7 rooms :

Well Room

Ratopenado Room

Column room

Round room

Marboutin room

Statue room

Spring room


The tour follows the natural formation of the caves and is easily accessible.  However, wheelchair access is not currently possible.

Opening days

The caves will be open 21th june. By appointment only. Please call : 06 63 88 90 60


Daily tour starts at 11.00 AM, 2.00 PM, 3.00 PM


July and august

7 days a week, starting at 10 AM and 6 PM

In the morning until 12AM: dare to try an authentic visit by torch-light

At 12 AM : we switch on the light


To 1st until 10 july : daily tour at 11.00 AM, 2.00 PM, 3.00 PM, 4.00PM


To 11th july until 20th august : daily tour every hour 

To 20th august to 31th august : daily tour at 11.00 AM, 2.00 PM, 3.00 PM, 4,00PM



Traditional guided tour

Adult: 7 € 50

Child: 5 €



Group discounts available. 

More than 15 adults : 6€50/adult

More thand 15 chidrens : 4€/child

For more details, please contact us by phone 06 63 88 90 60 or e-mail

We accept credit cards